About Us


Our mission is to provide our clients with a service that increases the value of their neighborhoods, creating and maintaining places where people desire to live. In addition, we strive to increase the sense of community within each neighborhood in hope that it will go beyond its boundaries and into the community at large.

My job is to ensure our mission is being fulfilled by providing the area’s best and most valuable homeowners’ association management service to our clients, being as responsive and thorough as possible to make sure the needs of every customer are met.


Hank Fennell, President

Among other duties, FPM finds and contracts vendors that are the best fit for our clients. Whether a neighborhood is looking for a landscaper, pool company, general contractor, insurance policy, etc., we will shop these services to find the best value. We may or may not choose or recommend you choose to hire someone that we have worked with in the past. Oftentimes it will depend on the location of the property and the service providers available in that particular area. The result of this process is custom-tailored management that finds vendors with the right service at the right price.   

Property management duties for Associations also includes noting and addressing violations of the governing documents by property owners to help maintain the integrity of the neighborhood and the welfare of its residents. FPM will assist or completely take care of this aspect of association management for you. We bill for, collect, and process dues, follow up with delinquents, send accurate and timely monthly property reports and financial reports, and analyze your financial state. These are just a few of the things we offer to our Associations.


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