The Top Issues Your HOA May Face — Paying Bills

Paying Bills

Much like collecting dues each month, keeping up with expenses and staying ahead of due dates for various bills regularly can be a headache for a volunteer Board member. At Fennell Property Management, we can take this task over completely and allow you to do the things you love in your free time. We are consistently collecting, processing, and paying bills for Associations. We take the time to scrutinize bills for accuracy and to be sure that all work has been completed to the Board’s satisfaction before paying any vendors for their work.

We are organized and detailed in our financial record-keeping, and we make it easy for you to see the money that comes in and goes out each month – there are no secrets. We provide you with these records regularly and encourage you to look carefully and closely, as we pride ourselves in being responsible and conservative with your money and we know that’s important to you! In the rare circumstance that your HOA incurs a late fee as a result of a bill not being paid on time, you are never responsible for paying for this – that would always be paid by us. 

Ask us more about this – we would love to help assist however we can!

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