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What You Need to Know About HOA’s According to HGTV

HGTV wrote a great article about the role of HOA’s in a community. Some of the best advice they give is to research your HOA before buying into a development that has one. Look into issues like:

– What things are being discussed at meetings?
– Are they saving for the future?
– What rules are in the CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) that I may have issues with down the road?
– What amenities am I getting for the dues? (Note this question is NOT simply “what are the dues” as that won’t always tell you what you need to know. Many people complain that their neighborhood has higher dues than another but fail to realize the benefits they’re receiving that the other neighborhood isn’t.)


Downtown Knoxville Associations

Did you know Fennell Property Management manages associations in downtown Knoxville like the beautiful Southeastern Glass Building on West Jackson Avenue? 

“Sharpshooters” May Be Allowed to Enter This Tellico Village HOA?

Tellico Village neighborhood divided over effort to reduce deer population

…This is a new one! The deer population in a Tellico Village neighborhood has gotten out of hand, and some residents have agreed to allow “sharpshooters” to come in and help control the overpopulation. What are your thoughts on this?

Financial Care in your Homeowners’ Association

Yet another reason to have your financials handled and reviewed regularly by trustworthy and responsible people. Homeowners and Board members should scrutinize bank statements and other financial records each month and ask questions when things don’t make sense. You can’t be too careful when it comes to handling the hard-earned money from your neighbors. Don’t take a chance and risk this happening to you!

8 Things Your HOA Wishes You Knew

At first glance, an HOA can seem intimidating – like they’re just out to be the “fun police” and to get those that break the rules. Many times HOAs can be misunderstood by those that are unfamiliar with the way they operate and with the mission and purpose of the board members.   8 Things Your Homeowners Association Wishes You Knew

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