HOA Definitions

Associations are the entities designed to promote the welfare of the residents within a neighborhood and to provide them with the means to maintain and improve the development in which they live.

Homeowners (or property owners or condominiums owners, etc.) all sign a covenant saying they accept their responsibilities as a member of the development’s Association and will participate accordingly.

Association management companies are useful in helping Associations in the day -to-day management of its affairs, providing guidance based on their experiences in the management of other HOA’s.

Condos or condominiums are a type of development that are governed using the Master Deed of the neighborhood. The Master Deed is much like Covenants and Restrictions for a single family housing (SFH) development but outline the details specific to a condominium development. As opposed to SFH developments, condos usually have higher and more frequent dues as the Association is responsible for more upkeep of the property per the requirements of the Master Deed.

Condo Associations (or condominium Associations) are the governing entities of condo developments. They are usually more involved and have more responsibilities than other types of developments.

Condominium Management is essential to the success of a condo development, whether it comes from an outside management company or the Board of Directors itself. Strong management must be in place to meet the demands of the condo development.

Neighborhood associations can be for any type of residential association – single family housing, condominiums, planned unit development, etc.

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